Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We'd been planning to take Ella to see Santa and while shopping at Walmart on Saturday, we overheard an announcement that the big guy was in the Garden Center! I would've thought that THE Santa Clause would have something better to do on a Saturday afternoon than to hang out at Walmart, but hey - we're not complaining! 
Of course we rushed out there to find there wasn't even a line - good thing because Ella inherited her father's patience.  We were really curious to see how she would react to seeing him and sitting in his lap.  Well, the pictures speak for themselves. :) 

On Sunday night we attended our Sunday School class Christmas party in Hendersonville.  Ella had a great time seeing all of her friends there. Unfortunately, while attempting a picture of just some of the babies born this year, Ella wanted no part of it...

Fortunately she did manage to look during this group shot...
She smiles in every picture taken - except when we want her to.

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