Wednesday, February 23, 2011

12:33 PM

Great visit with EK - They have increased her milk intake from 15 ml to 25 ml (started at 5 ml yesterday). They will also be removing her O2 (as she is barely reliant on it) as well as the tube through her nose. AND they're taking the UA out of her belly button, but replacing it with a heplock in her hand so she can continue being administered the antibiotics - which is now Penicillin. So all great news!

After speaking with the NP, she advised us that the 14-day round of antibiotics actually began on Monday, so they would end on Sunday, March 6th. On that day Julia and I will have to stay overnight at the hospital with Ella in our room and then take her home Monday.

Julia was officially discharged yesterday but we were able to stay last night as a courtesy. Though we're obviously sad to have to leave our girl here, we're looking forward to going home and getting some much-needed rest.

All the above is a clear indication that the prayers lifted by you, our friends and family are powerfully working! Please continue them and thank God for what He is doing for us and you!



TOTEally Posh! said...

Wonderful news!!! All three of you continue to be in our prayers daily!
Daniel, Erin and Elizabeth Jones

Tanya said...

I can't believe how much she is changing already. Great news. Thanks for the effort with this blog. It's awesome not to have to drive you crazy with calls. Plus the other Wray kids love the pictures.

Amy Dorris said...

She has her daddy wrapped around her little finger already!! Love this picture!!

Tiffany said...

Wow! Isnt' it amazing how you just fall in love right away! You sound like a dad in your blog!! Congrats to you all! She is precious and is lucky to have such wonderful parents.