Saturday, February 26, 2011

"I'll Eat Whenever I Want!"

Julia spent most of Friday afternoon holding and feeding Ella and then I came by after work to do the same.  They had to change the IV port in her hand because it was beginning to fail (apparently they only last about 3 days in an infant's tiny veins).  That took over an hour to do and clearly she didn't appreciate it.  As soon and they finished we got to hold and feed her in a quiet room that we had to ourselves - no cords, not beeping, and no nurses peering over our shoulder.  Just us.
They are also taking her off of "scheduled feedings" so she can now eat as much as she wants - whenever she wants.  She's now up to 2 oz. which is triple what she was eating just 2 days ago, which might explain why she's gained 2 oz. since birth.
We spoke to the doctor last night and he again confirmed that she's very healthy and just needs to complete the round of antibiotics before she can go home.  We're so looking forward to that...


Mark Anthony said...

Shedding tears of joy for all of you at this special moment. Praise the Lord for what he has done!! Love it when prayers are answered so quickly.

The Thomans said...

So glad to hear all the improvements! She'll be home and healthy before you know it!

Also, Ella Kate may be the cutest newborn I've ever seen (except my own, of course). Not even slightly exaggerating.