Tuesday, February 22, 2011

10:24 AM

This morning we went down to see Ella and were able to feed her for the first time! She is still on O2 but slowly being weened and hopefully will be off within a few days. She has the small tube in her throat but they are going to move it to her nose since she is not feeding.
We spoke with the nurse practitioner and they have narrowed her prognosis down to a single infection that will be rectified with antibiotics (she was receiving several but now only one).
So that's the positive, the negative is that she will have to remain in NICU for 2 weeks while the antibiotics run their course. Disappointing to say the least, but we know she's in good hands and confident she's getting the best treatment.
Meanwhile Julia is continuing to recover and handling everything like a champ. I could not be more proud of her as a wife and now a mother.
We'll be discharged tonight but were offered to stay in our room another night for free. Tomorrow night we'll be on our own and have to devise a schedule to come up here to visit and feed.
Thank you for your prayers - they truly work and we ask that you continue to lift her up.

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Annie said...

I know this is is a hard situation to be in we had to do it with Madalyn (she spent 7 days in the nicu after she was born). We will pray for you guys- I also wanted to offer you just one piece of advice don't wear yourselves out- we started out by going to the hospital for every single feeding, but realized we needed to pace ourselves so we would have the energy we needed for when we finally go to bring our girl home