Friday, February 25, 2011


"try not to pinch my cheeks"
After arriving this morning and scrubbing up (or is it down), I walked into Ella's room to find an empty bed.  Ah, hello?  What have you done with my child?  The nurse told me she "graduated" to a different floor.  Great, I missed the commencement.  Turns out it's a good thing!  She's now in an open crib and, though still in the NICU, she's in a room with more "well" babies.  I changed her...twice, fed her and swaddled her up (she's wearing a size 3-6 mo. onesie).  She ate well and they're increasing her milk amount from 30 ml to 35 (just over an ounce).  All excellent news and she's looking forward to seeing her mommy later today! She also acts much happier than she has and no-doubt is looking forward to going home.
Again, thank you ALL for supporting us so much.  We read each touching comment and your prayers are clearly apparent!


Luke said...

Great news! She's really come a long way in a short time. Can't wait to meet her.

kimlacivita said...

Wonderful news! She takes after Mom by efficiently progressing ;) What a beautiful baby you both have.

Jana said...

Yay!! So exciting!! Cant wait to meet that sweet girl!!

Sarah2280 said...

Um, she's so cute it's almost hard to look at her. WHAT a DOLL!!

Kimberly said...

She is beautiful and is healthy looking! I look forward to holding and cuddling her.