Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm Tubeless!

I love starting these out with "Ella continues to improve" :)  This morning I arrived to find her without the oxygen in her nose and UA in her belly and wearing a shirt (or something resembling it) and I was able to hold and feed her for nearly an hour.  She must have known that I was late for work, because she took most of that time feeding...I'm sure it won't be the last time she makes me late.  This was also the first time that she was able to accept 100% milk (no formula) and hopefully that will continue.  They also plan to put her in an open crib later today, as she continues to maintain her own body temp.
She does still have the IV in her hand and will continue to need it for the antibiotics - she's also receiving some nutrients through it as well.
I know I sound like a broken record, but your prayers work and we ask that you please continue.
Thank you all for your support.


Anonymous said...

Awesome news!! She continues to look great. You'll have her home with you before you know it!!

Susan said...

I love reading of Ella's continual improvement. :) Continually praying for you all and thankful for God's answering our prayers.

praising God!!!

Chantel said...

I'm so glad things are improving. You guys are in my prayers!

Kelly said...

All of us here at Tennessee Retina continue to follow Ella Kate's progress, thanks to this blog! We will continue to send our prayers to all of you and Julia, we miss you very much and are thinking about you! Kelly

kimlacivita said...

Wow! That's wonderful news! So thankful for answered prayers!

Tanya said...

Hello this is lily. Thank you for posting these pictures of Ella Kate. I have the flu so I feel really bad but these pictures make me feel better. I can't wait to babysit you Ella Kate.

Heath/Jana/Haven said...

God is good! The prayers will continue to be lifted on your family's behalf. We think the world of y'all. Can't wait to see that little girl. The pics are beautiful. See you again soon.