Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Enough with the Needles!

Place food here.
Julia spent most of the day with EK and I joined them for lunch. Julia was able to nurse her as well and did great! She was awake for most of the day and continues to eat well.
The IV port in her arm went bad so they had to remove it - which was nice (temporarily) because we got to hold her without it. Unfortunately it had to go back in and the nurses spent over an hour trying to find a good vein. After 5 sticks, they resorted to (wait for it)...her head! Can you believe these crazies?! This girl is going to have the highest pain tolerance of any kid on the block! We're praying that this will be the last one and will hold up through Friday afternoon (her last dose). After that, I plan to put her in a steel suit that will prohibit anyone from sticking her with needles.


Lindsay said...

So excited to hear nursing is going well. Stinks about the IV in her head, but hopefully it will be her last one for a long time. Praying for all of you.

LisaE said...

Poor EK! Needles are the worst!! And a scalp IV! My goodness! She is definitely going to be one tough cookie! And you might leave her in that steel suit well through her 20's... will probably come in handy for when she starts dating :) I may have to get one for Livi!