Saturday, March 5, 2011

Let's Snuggle

On our last trip to hang out with Ella before bringing her home tomorrow, Julia and I again got to spend time with her alone in a quiet room - wireless. She continues to eat and sleep very well and there's no reason why she won't be home tomorrow and be healthy!  Julia nursed and rocked her to sleep before leaving late in the afternoon.  Though the heplock looked good during the day, it had to be taken out later tonight.  Ella was pretty pumped, since this latest poke in her hand brought her needle stick total up to a baker's dozen! Seriously, enough with the needles.
For our "last night out", Julia and I went to see 'Just Go With It' at the theater. The movie was great and we enjoyed our time together.  It was the first time we went to the movies - just the two of us - since our third date 5 years ago!

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