Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So Comfy...With One Exception

Julia spent most of the day with Ella and I again joined them for lunch.  There's a small part of me that's going to miss seeing her for that hour in the middle of the day. Julia nursed her, gave her a "bath", and took this picture after she finished - FYI: that cute little bow on top of her head...isn't (see yesterday's post for further explanation). Both are getting used to nursing and I'm so proud of Julia for her determination...Ella's doing great too!
The hospital provided us with some educational resources for when we get her home and I'm sure that 20 minute video will cover us in any potential situation we might find ourselves in over the next 18 years.
Finally, it occurred to me that Thursday night will be mine & Julia's last night as a couple before we're 100% responsible for EK (scary thought) and I'm trying to come up with something we could do that might not be possible later.  If you'd like to offer a suggestion, feel free to comment below.


Rae said...

Go somewhere without an enormous purse! Other than that we pretty much do all the same things we did before. =)

Suzanne said...

Go out to dinner and to a movie! I heard the Adam Sandler/Jennifer Aniston movie is funny

The Thomans said...

Things it is hard to do with a newborn:

Enjoy a leisurely dinner.
Spend quality time with each other.
Watch a really loud movie.
Go anywhere for more than 1 hour.
Go to bed early.
Get a good night's sleep.

Whether you go our or stay in, enjoy your time together! And I would definitely advise getting a good night's'll miss those.

kimlacivita said...

I'm sure you'll both be so excited to get that little one home, that it won't matter too much what you're doing ;) Just enjoy each other. I couldn't be happier this day is finally here for you both!