Thursday, March 3, 2011

One More Day? Really?

So apparently the doctor treating Ella forgot how to count to 14, because she miscalculated her last dose of Penicillin  by 1 day - so we'll be taking her home Saturday afternoon instead of Friday.  A little disappointing but glad that she at least noticed it and didn't release her early. We decided not to tell Ella the truth and instead wished her a happy Wednesday :)
While she might not be aware of the extra night in the hospital, she couldn't help but notice them having to replace the heploc (IV) in her head because it went bad...again.  So, another needle!  Fortunately Julia got to spend more time with her this afternoon and they both enjoyed that. 
All of this got me thinking of what I'm looking forward to most about her being out of the hospital:
5.  Not having to wear the wristband that I've had on since she was born (those things are not designed to last this long).
4.  Not having to scrub up and put on a gown every time I see her! 

 3.  Not having to spend time with her while surrounded by nurses and other babies.
2.  No monitors that constantly check her heart rate, BP, Oxygen level, etc. (actually Julia is obsessed with these and will likely miss them the most).
1.  No more needles or wires that keep us from our baby!

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Jana said...

Sad!! You don't get to bring her home!! Tomorrow will be here before you know it!! So excited for you three!! Can't wait to meet Ella Kate next week!!