Sunday, March 13, 2011

So this is what it's like...

Ella's Visitors

It's been a fun and interesting but frustrating and exhausting week. As Julia and I continue to learn how to function as first-time parents, we've some how made it through despite walking around in an utterly confused, zombie-like state. For the most part, Ella is doing well and still very healthy - her lungs especially must be in perfect shape, as her occasional cries have nearly made us completely deaf. However she's not sleeping very well, apparently due to some gas pressure in her stomach that makes her strain and grunt throughout the day and night.  After some research and speaking to the pediatrician, it seems that this is normal, as her digestive system hasn’t fully developed. We’ve tried the Mylicon drops but they didn’t prove to be effective.  We were told about ‘Gripe Water’ (thanks Rachel) and plan to try that soon.
It’s funny how you envision something going a certain way and it not going nearly as “planned”.  Of course, if there’s one thing we’ve learned in the past three weeks, is that a “plan” is just that and won’t necessarily work out that way.  That said, I plan to lose 20 lbs. this month by eating whatever I want and avoiding the gym at all costs.
As I said, it has been a fun week and we’ve had many visitors – most of which brought food!  Thanks to everyone for your generosity.
We also took Ella out for her first restaurant visit to Chef's Market on Friday night.  Though she slept throughout our meal, we spent more time in the car before and after dinner feeding her.  It was a trial run and we quickly realized that it might be the last for a few weeks – mainly due to cold/flu season and her not having any immunity built up yet.  Her first shots will be @ 2 months, but I’m sure will get her out before that.  We were still able to take her for a walk (or hold) outside this afternoon, since the weather was so nice.

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The Thomans said...

I know you guys must be up to your eyeballs in unsolicited advice, so feel free to just ignore me, but Chloe and Rachel both had issues with gas as babies (Chloe especially - she was miserable for the first few months - gassiness and colic and reflux) and after a lot of trial and error, here is what helped us:

1. Chiropractic adjustments. Both of our girls went for their first adjustment at 8 weeks, and both seemed exponentially more comfortable afterwards (Rachel literally went from screaming to completely passed out within seconds of her first adjustment).
2. Sleeping on an incline. We used a baby papasan chair on the vibrate setting, but I have also heard of sleeping in the carseat, or even propping up one end of the bassinet with a towel.
3. Tummy sleeping. Our pediatrician said it was fine as long as we were keeping a close eye on her, but of course do whatever you're comfortable with.

And if she's breastfeeding, you can also try cutting out some of the most common offenders from Julia's diet, like dairy, onions, broccoli -- if that's something she wants to try.

And of course, pretty much constant, thorough burping. I'm surprised our girls didn't have bruises or indents on their backs from all the burping.

I hope she starts feeling better soon! Good luck!